Scale of Charges

Target sports world endeavours to provide the best value for money at any given time.

All Charges for events and activities are listed below.

Open shoots are where individuals who have bee trained to shoot are independent on the shooting line, and would not normally need support with there own or hire equipment.

The charge is split into 2 costs, the range fee, and any additional charges (block charges)  for the hire of equipment.

Where crossbows are hired they should com with a quiver, and 4 bolts.

Where archery bows are hired they will come with a quiver, arm brace and 8 bolts.

Where airguns are hired they will include any air cylinders required, but not pellets. please be aware if pellets are used that are not RWS they may not function correctly.


Activity  Equipment\activity Type  Cost
 Range fee  Open shoot  £15
 Hire fee  Barnett re-curve Xbow  Level 1  £6
 Hire fee Barnett compound  60lb/100lb xbow  Level 2  £8
 Hire fee  Excalibur Apex Xbow  Level 1  £5
 Hire fee  Jandao 90lb re-curve Xbow Level 1  £2
 Hire fee  Kodabow 125lb Xbow  Level 3  £10
Hire fee  Club re-curve bow- any size  Level 1  £3
 Hire fee  Club lightweight compound  bow  level 2  £6
 Hire fee  Club heavy compound bow  Level 3  £10
 Hire fee  Air rifle – Winchester level 1  £8
 Hire fee  Air pistol peace maker six shooter Level 1  £6
 Hire fee  Air pistol CP99 (spy gun)  Level 2  £10
Crossbow/archery  Come and try it 90 minute session  £35
 Airgun  Come and try it 90 minute session  £35
 Axe throwing  come and try 90 minute session  £35
 Multi activity  2 sports in 2 hours  £40
 Multi Activity  3 sports in 2. 5 hours  £50
Pellets 200 pellets (aprox)  £4
Hire fee 3 axes  £6