Hi People

This is the place to be  if you want to enter the National smallbore rifle association crossbow competition.

Is a postal comp, so anyone can enter, you need to have sport crossbow , with iron sights , no telescopes or any sights with magnification . We have a number of these, the Jandao and the Apex can be converted , and will need to be shared a I am afraid, but the good news is the we will not change anyone for using them for this competition. Please be aware the September dates are a  bit short, we can only use the school hall on the 9th and the 30th  so you will have to shot your bolts then. from their on in it wont be so bad.

You need to be shooting at 10 metres distance, and its negative scoring so if its touching a line you count to the lowest score that the bolt is touching.

the forms are here see below,  and you need to send them into the NSRA as per the instructions. YOu do not need to belong to a Club, just need a friendly witness, As with all postal comps once you start , if you don’t like you score , you still have to submit, you cant keep shooting till you get what you want. If you are entering from crossbow UK, can you write on the back of the form the word facebook please.